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    Free IoT Software for Wind Energy

    This presentation introduces a complete use case of Nexedi technologies (SlapOS, Wendelin, re6st) for the implementation of a IoT and Big Data infrastructure in the field of Wind Energy.
    • Last Update:2017-06-27
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    IoT for Wind Energy

    Credit: Wölfel Monitoring Systems: SHM Tower


    Nexedi World Map
    • Founded in 2001 - Largest publisher of Free Software in Europe

    Nexedi Track Record

    Nexedi Full Stack - Libre Software

    Technology Problem: Preventive Maintenance

    Burned Wind Turbine - by dmitrimaruta

    Technology Solution: Wölfel

    credit Wölfel group

    IT Problems: Data

    • Reliable data collection
    • Resilient networking
    • Scalable storage
    • Parallel processing
    • Out-of-core processing
    • Predictive algorithms

    IT Problems: System

    • Embedded OS kernel
    • Remote deployment of services
    • Automated Big Data Center

    Introducing Wendelin

    Free Software Solutions: Data

    Mostly Free Software Solutions: System

    User Interface for Data Scientist

    Credit: IBM

    What Wendelin brings to users of NumPy / Jupyter

    • Transactions
    • Native persistency
    • Native parallelism
    • Out-of-core processing
    • Automated cluster deployment
    • A single platform for storage and processing
    • A single platform for experiment and production

    User Interface for Wind Energy Industry

    Future Directions

    • 200+ Wind Turbines Connected
    • Smart IoT Appstore Engine


    • Systematic Competitive Cluster
    • Teralab Big Data Platform
    • Alexandre Gramfort
    • Wölfel Group


    Image Nexedi Headquarters, Lille, France
    • Nexedi SA
    • 270 bd Clémenceau
    • 59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul
    • France