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    Welcome to ERP5
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    {accounts IData Licenses Images. [Purchase Orders: [sensors.
    [Bugs IData Notebooks internal Orders [purchase Packing Lists Isenaces
    [Business Configurations [Data Operations. lImtemal Packing Lists ([Purchase Supplies [Task Reports:
    [Business Process Models |Data Products [Imtemnal Supplies [Purchase Trade Conditions | Tasks
    |components. IData Releases Iimternal Trade Conditions|Queries [Transtormations
    |curencies IData sets liventories IRequirements lunit Comversions:
    |Data Acquisition Units [Data Streams [Knowtedge Pads [Retumed Purchase Packing Lists Web Pages
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    |Data Analyses |Document ingestion MessagesOrganisations [sale Orders
    |Data Arrays |Documents [persons. |Sale Packing Lists.
    |Data Events |External Sources [Products [Sale Supplies