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    Wendelin Data Model

    • Last Update:2018-03-21
    • Version:001
    • Language:en


    Data Supply

    Data Supply Line


    Data Supply Line

    Data supply defines f data arives
    from a certain sensor ata certain
    time with a certain reference (e.0.
    tag or file name o file path), then
    where does it come from, what is the
    clientand whatis the project.

    Data Transformation



    Data Ingestion

    Data Order

    Data Ingestion Line

    Data Order Line

    Data Ingestion Line

    Data Order Line

    Data Ingestion (Lines) rack what type of
    data is ingested from which sensor when
    from where and in which project.

    Data Order (Lines) define which
    evaluations should be produced in which




    Data Analysis
    Data Transformation Line


    Data Analysis Line
    Data Transformation Line

    Data Transformation defines what Data Analysis Line

    type of data and which operation is
    needed 1o evaluale a certain type of

    Data Analysis (Lines) track which data of
    which type from which source from which
    sensor s analysed with which operation
    using which configuration in which project




    Organisation represents either a
    juridical organisation (a client
    company, a company owning
    data), ora physical site, (2
    building or measrement site) or

    section project)






    Data Product

    Data Stream

    Data Array


    A Data Stream behaves sinilar to
    a big file. When a sensor ingests
    raw data into Wendin it can be.
    appended to a data stream


    Data Bucket Stream

    Person represents a natural
    person (user, developer, clien,
    ouner of data, engineer,..)


    Project represents a typical project
    in a service company.

    Data Bucket Stream is an
    alternative to Data Stream which
    bridges Wendelin to a fle system
    world. Each ingested block of data
    is ingested as a seperate bucket
    Data Bucket Stream supports
    iteration by key as well as iteration
    by order of ingestion. Data Bucket
    stream can represent“a bunch of
    files" or a complete directory.

    Data Aray is the main big data
    store of wendelin. Dala is stored
    in an n-dimensional zbigarray
    which gives a numpy compatible
    Out-of-core view of array data.
    ‘This means that only the actually
    processed data is loaded into
    ram, while the zbigarray can be
    bigger than ram. Zbigarray allows
    to use the complete PyData
    software stack ransparently with
    wendelin, such as scipy, pandas
    or scikitieam as well s ofher
    machine leaming software such

    Represents a single sensor
    ingesting Data into Wendelin

    Data Acquisition Unit

    A data product represents a certain
    type of data, such as the raw
    background dala of a specific type
    of sensor, or the evaluated data for
    a specific norm

    Represents a unitwhich ingests
    data into Wendelin. It can have ane
    or multiple Sensors, for example a
    measurement system.

    Device Configuration

    Device configuration represents the
    configuration of a Sensor or Data

    Acquisition Unit. Configuration can

    Data Descriptor

    be defined in PopertySheets or
    JSON Schema

    Progress Indicator

    Data Descriptor stores
    application- or project specific
    metadaa felated 1o a Data

    Data Operation

    A data operation represents a
    certain type of operation on daa
    ©.g.converting raw data flom a
    data stream 10 a data array,
    resampling data or evaluating
    data. It also defines which scriptis
    used to perform the actual

    Progress Indicator represents the
    processing state of a Data Analys:
    Ittells how much of the input data
    has been already processed (e.g
    converted or evaluated) into

    Data Configuration

    Data Configuration represents
    the configuration used for a data
    analysis. Configuration can be
    defined in PopertySheets or
    JSON Schema