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    Installing Wendelin Standalone

    Installing Wendelin Standalone
    • Last Update:2019-07-08
    • Version:009
    • Language:en

    Wendelin standalone

    This document will help you install Wendelin (version 1.0.112) inside a virtual machine or physical server running Debian 9.9.0, 64 bit.

    The process of installing Wendelin can be around 1 hour.

    Host requirements

    • 4 GB of RAM
    • At least 50GB of disk space.
    • Debian 9.9.0, 64 bit as it has been thoroughly tested. You can download vanilla image here (64bit)

    Initial setup

    Once you have your virtual machine up and running, execute these three steps (root permissions are needed):

      root@wendelin-standalone:~# wget http://deploy.nexedi.cn/wendelin-standalone && bash wendelin-standalone

    Monitoring progress of Wendelin installation

    To check up on the status of your build automatically please run:

      root@wendelin-standalone:~# watch -n 30 erp5-show -s  

    This way if something goes wrong you will be notified immediately however it doesn't need any interaction from user.

    Another approach to monitor is to tail Wendelin installation status like so:

       root@wendelin-standalone:~# tail -f /opt/slapos/log/*.log

    When is my Wendelin instance ready ?

    You can check if your Wendelin instance is ready using following script. If your instance is ready the script will printout


    root@wendelin-standalone:~# erp5-show -s

    Build successful, connect to:
      username: zope  password: ..........


    It usually takes around 15 - 20 minutes before it is ready. Also please note that this IPv4 is an external interface one for your virtual machine.

    So far you have installed Wendelin instance, still it needs its initial configuration thus please look at next chapter.

    Configure Wendelin instance

    The process is described  here.

    Known issues

    You can read them here.