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    What Is Wendelin

    A tutorial introducing the Wendelin big data platform as well as the software components that power it.
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    Introducing Wendelin

    Wendelin Core
    Scikit.Learn et al
    • This is Wendelin - stack written in 100% Python
    • Integrates with popular libs (Jupyter, scikit.learn, Pandas, ...)
    • Wendelin.Core component to compute beyond available RAM

    Stack: Wendelin Core

    Wendelin Core Computing
    • "Out-Of-Core"
    • Allows computation beyond limitation of physical RAM
    • Embedded within Wendelin stack, but also usable standalone

    Stack: NEO

    NEO Distributed Storage
    • Distributed Transactional NoSQL Object Database
    • Used as default storage in Wendelin

    Stack: ERP5

    ERP5 - Open Source Enterprise Application Framework
    • Based on 5 Theoretical Principles (Unified Business Model)
    • Generic: handles Big Data the same way as millions of ERP-related objects
    • ERP5 used under the hood of Wendelin

    Stack: SlapOS

    SlapOS | Hyperconvergent Platform as a Service
    • Cloud Provisionment, Deployment, Orchestration for single machines or clusters
    • Installable on any architecture
    • Uses Ansible recipes, fully automated, everything is a service
    • SlapOS is a bit like Gentoo (Linux) in that everything is compiled from scratch every time as described by a recipe. Recipes allow to reuse configurations across a cluster besides enabling a homogenous way to manage installable components.
    • Commercial Service available: Vifib.com (40€/4€ per server/vm per month)
    • SlapOS Website | Forum
    • SlapOS: Gitlab
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    • Photo: Fotolia.fr - TOMO

    Stack: re6st

    Res6st | Resilient Mesh Overlay Network
    • IPv6-based Resilient Mesh Overlay Network, "internet on top of the internet"
    • Monitors possible connections between nodes, channels traffic on demand
    • Mitigates risks of unavialable routes/packet loss
    • Commercial service available: GrandeNet - Application Delivery Network
    • Res6st: Gitlab
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    • Photo: Fotolia.fr - ake1150

    Stack: ShaCache

    Shacache | MD5-Signed Cache
    • MD5-signed cache, use signatures to validate cached files
    • Allows to reuse trusted compilations by providing key value
    • NoSQL storage with REST API, archives files through HTTP PUT method

    Stack: Scikit.learn (et al)

    Wendelin | Extensions
    • Integrate popular libraries for Data Science and Machine Learning
    • Provide familiar interface which connects to ERP5/Wendelin.Core
    • Scikit.Learn (project partner), Jupyter, SciPy, NumPy, Pandas
    • Tutorial to extend Wendelin with 3rd Party libraries using SlapOS: Coming soon
    • Scikit.Learn lectures
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    • Photo: Fotolia.fr - weerapat1003

    Wendelin: Advantages

    Wendelin | Advantages
    • Single stack to handle big data from creation to utilization
    • Computation independent of available RAM
    • Fully written in Python, being built to handle Big Data

    Wendelin: Challenges

    Wendelin | Challenges
    • Simplify processes to make stack more accessable
    • Add Wendelin UI on top of ERP5
    • Provide tutorials and base documentation to foster adoption