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    Wendelin Hyperconvergence Tutorial - Screenshot Jupyter ERP5 Convert Result

    Wendelin Hyperconvergence Tutorial - Juypter ERP5 Convert Result
    • Last Update:2016-06-11
    • Version:001
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    Z JUPYTET PydataParis tas crecieins 20 mises s v cranges)

    Fle Edt View Inen Cel Kemel Hep
    B+ > @B 4 v W EC e . CeirTooibar
    In [13]: [# Tmport StringIo as we need to manipulate file object at waverile.read

    from StringIo import Stringio

    # Load the file from erps as string, which is not good here
    # we will later try to improve this because this is mot out-of-core
    fs, data = read(StringIo(context.data_stream module[*1*].getpata()))

    # Get only channel
    array = data.T[6] # not out of core

    # Save the array to erps to make it out-of-core

    out_of_core_array = context.data_array_sodule.newcontent (
    portal_type="pata Array”

    cmplx = Fft(out of core array.getarray())
    Spectrum = abs(empIxl: (len(cmpix)/2)-11) # not out of core

    # Save the spectrum array to make it now out of core
    out_of_core_spectrum_array = context.data_array_module.newcontent (
    portal_type="bata Array”

    figure = pit.figure()

    ax1 = figure.add_subplot(211)
    ax2 = figure.add_subplot (212)

    ax1.plot (out_of_core_array.getarray())
    ‘ax2_plot (out of core_spectrum_array.getArray())

    # figure.show() don't present inline rendering.
    # So we use instea
    context .Base_renderAsHtal(plt)


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