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    Wendelin Hyperconvergence Tutorial - Fix ERP5 Consistency

    Screenshot of Wendelin ERP5 - Fix Consitencies
    • Last Update:2016-06-08
    • Version:001
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    'Doyou Wantto Enable Periodical Check?


    Site Configuration Problems - 1-4 of 4 records - 0 items selected
    G Jiteas [Configuration Status

    |Detect bi5 update |Upgrade needed.(information: Update erpS_ful text_myisam_catalog business template in state newUpdate erpS_base business emplate n state new Update erpS_accounting business template in state newUpdate,
    lerns_workllow business template in state new.Update erpS_configurator business template in state new,Update erp5_configurator_standard business template in state newUpdate erpS_wendelin_configurator
    [business template in state new)

    (Conigure IMemcached not configured as expected (Expect memcached:/10.0.133 241:2013/ Got memcached/127.00 111211))



    [Contigure |SMTP Server not configured as expected (Expect smip3/ Got smipfiocalnost:25)


    [Check |Conversion Server not configured as expected (Expect cloudooo:/10.0.117 253:2020/ Got cloudooo:/None-Nonel)


    Fore Reoas Pramises FSte Conuraion